sábado, 13 de julho de 2013

Weed heart

Cause you’re my poison, this love destroys
And I can’t be you Marilyn Monroe.
For now I sing in an empty night,
The cold is in my heart, I can’t bright...

My lips are frozen cause you’re the king of ice,
I gave myself to you and that’s the price
And now I’m raving, I can see the sun...
That’s in my mind, the dreams when I was young!

When I was young I didn’t know your power.
You gave me nothing, neither a flower.
I’m lost in New York streets, they’re big, was a foolish
Come here and get lost, but bigger is your selfish!

I see your naked eyes, your weed heart,
I see your tameless lips and I start
To cry, it starts to rain...
It’s all a lie, I feel the pain inside.

And in the time of the roses I was your mermaid,
In the time of the sun I was not afraid.
I went to the moon to let you the planet
But in the end of the day I was always your sunset.

Do you just eat the girls or do you have a soul?
And now my eyes are dying, the life you stole
But you’re the monster I love, a beautiful one...
For me you are just perfect but I am still alone.